Paint Correction



Paint correction is the process in which wet sanding and/or a highspeed buffer is used on the clear coat to remove swirls, scratches and imperfections.

Each vehicle is a different case and needs a proper in person inspection for a more accurate price quote. A car can be light, medium or heavily swirled. Each vehicle has a different paint thickness when it comes to reading the clear coat to ensure no burning when buffing.

Paint correction is also a great option to remove isolated scratches depending on how deep they are. Etched in bird droppings, water spots or tree sap can also be removed with this process.

Every vehicle is properly hand washed, iron decontaminated and a full clay bar. Below are some packages to choose from for your car.

*** Deposit Required for Guranteed Time Slot. Corrections take days sometimes and we clear our schedules to get them done. ***


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