Monthly Specials Calendar

Our specials were made to give clients and their cars a discount on packages we feel is ideal for that month of the year.

We also believe that if followed in chronilogical order, its a good schedule for your car to be always clean and maintained throughout the year.

Weather conditions change throughout the year and affect your car differently. So this calender is a good way to know what kind of a detail is good and which time.

January (Interior Detail)

Regular: $160 – $180

Special : $140 – $160

This is a good way to start the new year off right, with a fresh showroom quality interior. I look at this as kind of a fresh clean slate for your vehicle. Its a good starting point to maintaining your clean interior for the future months. When I’m restoring a car , the first thing I like to start off with is a nice fresh interior. Maintain it from there, touch it up time to time.

February (Engine Bay Detail)

Regular: $50

Special : $30

The Engine bay is the lifeline of the car and probably an area that gets dirty the most. Its something I like to keep clean right after an interior for peace of mind. I also like to keep a clean engine bay incase I plan on working on the engine mechanically throughout the year.

March (Headlight Restoration)

Regular: $50

Special : $30

The more obvious parts on the exterior of the vehicle that tend to fog up due to constant road debris and UV damage. When foggy they can cause lack of visibility at night and just straight up look ugly. Doing a headlight restoration can also drastically change the look of your car.

April (Exterior Hand Wash)

Regular: $60

Special : $40

Aprils a good time of the year to get a proper exterior wash for your car. Spring is approaching, snowfall is at a minimum, and gives a great chance for us to inspect your vehicles paint condition. This is a good way to give you an idea of what we are working with, and what kind of paint correction your car needs for the summer months.

May (Paint Correction)

15% OFF all Paint Corrections

Now is a great time to do any sort of paint correction on your car so it can look showroom ready all summer long. We have several paint correction processes. Its about finding exactly what your car needs.

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