Ceramic Coatings are a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to a surface creating a layer of protection. When protecting a vehicle, ceramic coatings can be applied to anything from the interior trim, leather/cloth seats, carpet to the exterior panels, glass and rims.

As of right now our focus is on but not limited to cars. Same sort of ceramic can be applied to marine or aircraft transportation. We will soon offer protection services for textiles such as shoes, leather and suede products, as well as in home protection like kitchen counter tops, appliances and glass shower doors.

When it comes to choosing a coating that is right just remember every coating is different. Coatings can generally range anywhere from 2 to 7 year protection. Each coating has a different thickness, H level, self cleaning properties, water beading and gloss depth.

Maintaining your ceramic coating is just as important if you want to keep its longevity. Every six months we recommend getting a maintenance wash finished off with ceramic based panel spray. Every year we recommend getting a top up coat on all panels, glass and rim face. This kind of maintenance ensures the layer of ceramic is working at its full potential, Your vehicle has a nice protective layer, paint is still preserved underneath, keep its hydrophobic and self/easy to clean properties for the remainder of the year.



  • All coating packages include a decontamination wash with tar removal, iron removal, along with a hand wash, soap, and dry.

(Clay bar and Paint correction separate)

  • All yearly packages and up include coating on all painted panels, exterior glass, and face of the rims. See our full wheel, caliper and barrel package in our add-ons.

*** Deposit Required for Time Slot Gurantee and Coating Product. ***

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